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Pots Has a New Owner

21 November 2017 11:00

We are delighted to announce that Pots and Pithoi has just been bought by David Dodd, owner of multi award-winning landscape company The Outdoor Room and Director of the landscape architects practice Longview Design.

David, took the decision to buy the company as soon as he saw it had come on the market. “I’ve been a customer of Pots and Pithoi for many years and always loved the quality of the products; It was too good an opportunity to miss.”

Before the purchase, Tara and David travelled to Crete together to visit the potters and this was where David was finally ‘sold’. David explains ‘It was amazing to see at first hand the skill and craftsmanship that goes into making the beautiful pots using the traditional and ancient methods that have been passed down through the generations. There was an instant bond between myself and the potters and I’m really looking forward to carrying on working with them.'

David goes on to say ‘Tara has done an amazing job with Pots and Pithoi and is helping me enormously with a smooth transition of ownership. I'd also like to think we’ve become good friends. All of the staff have been so welcoming and I’m delighted that they are all staying'

The future is looking is bright for Pots and Pithoi as David has some big plans for the company. 2018 will see the courtyard being completely redesigned by Longview and built by The Outdoor Room. This will add a more beautiful ‘designed garden’ feel to the main display area. Lectures on garden design will be held in the coffee shop and demonstrations were given on how to use our pots in your garden to their maximum effect. We’re also looking at new pot designs to add a ‘contemporary range’ to our catalogue.

"I’m looking forward to meeting all of my customers. Please drop by soon!"

Farewell to Tara

Tara decided to retire after 12 years of owning and managing Pots and Pithoi. She did so with a heavy heart. Since taking over in 2006, Tara has transformed the business. The medieval barns and farm buildings were completely renovated. A new indoor living section was created and stocked with artisan wares from the Mediterranean and beyond. Our products were made available on a new website while visitors could peruse the catalogue in the comfort of our cafe. Tara expanded the collection to include more historical models as well as some pots she personally designed. We joined garden lovers at Chelsea, Hampton Court and other National Flower show and the business attracted many devotees; as evidenced when we were awarded the Royal Warrant. We wish Tara every happiness for the future and are grateful for the magic she brought to Pots and Pithoi.