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Pots and Pithoi first introduced Cretan terracotta to the UK in 1985.

The current owner now works exclusively with one pottery. This is due to the fact that they are the best Potters in Crete, producing the highest quality hand thrown pots made from the most remarkable terracotta.

Our pots are capable of withstanding the harshest of UK winters due to the unique blend of the clay.

Most modern terracotta is fired in gas kilns. However, all of our pots are still traditionally fired at around 1050°C using crushed olive stones and grape seeds. 

We have by far the largest range of beautiful handmade Cretan pots in the world.

With over 10,000 pots in stock our team are always looking to introduce new designs to complement our extensive range.

The Cretans have been making the best pots in the world for thousands of years.

Our continuing close relationship with the Potters ensures the traditional and ancient methods are maintained. Being hand thrown on the wheel and traditionally fired gives each pot it's unique character and colouration.

Crafts in Crete are still as prolific as ever.

At Pots and Pithoi you will find some of the finest Cretan ceramics, olive wood, honey and olive oil. Alongside our Cretan crafts we also have an eclectic plethora of gifts and homeware from around the world.

David Dodd, owner of multi award winning landscape company The Outdoor Room purchased Pots & Pithoi in 2017.

David, a long-time customer of Pots and Pithoi, bought the company as soon as he saw it had come on the market. “I’ve always loved the quality of the products; it was too good an opportunity to miss.” 

Before the purchase, David travelled to Crete to meet the Potters which was where David was finally ‘sold’. “It was amazing to see at first hand the skill and craftsmanship that goes into making the beautiful pots using the traditional and ancient methods that have been passed down through the generations. There was an instant bond between us and working with them is an absolute pleasure.” 

In 2018 the courtyard was completely redesigned by David and built by The Outdoor Room. This has added a more beautiful ‘designed’ feel to the main display area demonstrating how the pots and water features can be used within a garden.