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Water Feature Care Instructions

Assembly and Maintenance




You will undoubtedly already have a prospective location for your water feature. There are however a few practical considerations to take into account when installing it. We advise that the reservoir is set a little bit above the surrounding level (approx. 20mm). If below or at the same level, rainwater could flush surrounding leaves, soil or other objects into the reservoir and potentially clog up the pump.

Your water feature kit includes:

Pot with attached brass/copper fittings

  • 1x reservoir
  • 1x grid
  • 1x pump



  • Dig and prepare a suitably-sized hole for the reservoir. It must rest upon a firm surface. A solid base can be created with a concrete base for a large water feature or a bed of compacted hardcore and sharp sand for a smaller one. Your contractor or our yard staff will be able to advise. Place the reservoir in the hole.
  • Install the grid and ensure that it is level. Pots weighing above 150kg (including water) will need internal support for the grid (see the attached diagram for weights of your water feature). At its most simple, this can be three or four columns of bricks or block. It is not necessary (or advisable) to use mortar between the support. We’ve found that mortar can cause lime scale build-up in the pump.
  • Fill the reservoir with water. Place the pump on the bottom of the reservoir and run the cable to your electricity supply. Switch on the pump to ensure it is operational.
  • Place the pot onto the centre of the grid. Ensure that the pot is level and adjust with small wedges if necessary. The brass coupler will extend through the grid. Reach your hand through the grid opening and connect the coupler to the brass fitting on the pump.
  • Switch on the pump again and check that water is coming up through the copper pipe within the pot.
  • Switch off the pump again. Fill the pot with water up to the tip of the copper pipe. Re-check that the pot is still level. Top up the reservoir to within 2 inches below the grid.
  • Switch on the pump once more. You should now see the water bubbling up and over the lip of the pot. It will take 30 minutes or so to flow evenly over the pot without beading. This is normal.
  • Arrange your pebbles or other camouflage over the grid. Avoid using any material that could fall through the grid to the pump.




You will need to top up the water level of the reservoir from time to time. It can be reduced by evaporation and splash off from the wind. If the level gets too low, the pump may be damaged by pumping air rather than water which can cause overheating.


Your water feature MUST be drained for the winter. If left filled, the water could freeze, expand, and seriously damage the pot.

  • Switch off the electricity. Drain the water from the pot (by suction or a hand pump).
  • Disconnect the pump’s flexi connector from the pot – this a simple push/pull connector. You do not need to undo any of the brass fittings. We recommend that the pump is lifted out of the water and wrapped in a plastic bag for the winter. Make sure to isolate the electrics if you do this. It’s sensible at this point to give the pump a clean and check over in a bucket of water.
  • Ideally store the dry pot upside-down in a frost-free place for the winter.


  • From time to time you may need to clean your pot of algae. Terracotta can be damaged by harsh chemicals but is fine to scrub with diluted washing up liquid or Milton fluid. Never use a pressure washer as it will potentially damage the surface of the pot.
  • We advise you reseal your pot every two years with a masonry Water Sealant suitable for sealing brickwork. This is available at most good DIY stores. Clean and allow the pot to dry. Apply 2 coats, inside and out, following the instructions from the manufacturer.


  • In hard water areas, lime scale can build up on the impeller. Check your pump from time to time to ensure it is free of scale. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations in the leaflet provided with your pump.


We hope you enjoy your pot for many years to come. Please phone us if you have any questions.


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